Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Experimenting with a new approach to resolution season

As we head into resolution season, I'm thinking about two things I have grown into believing:

Growth and development are our fundamental nature.


Love never fails.

To me, the picture above is a visual representation that life unfolds on its own.  That in the right conditions (especially if one of those conditions is love), baby feet grow into big feet without any effort at all.  They don't resolve to grow, they just do.

If it's true that love never fails and growth is inevitable, it seems to me that resolution season may be better spent listening for what love calls us to, and gently orienting ourselves in that direction.  

I experimented with this attitude last January and found that it helped me foster more of a growth mindset, in which I felt more comfortable taking new risks (like asking some friends if they would be interested in experimenting with meditation together--this was terrifying for me, but resulted in our Friday meditation group that we've been documenting one photo at a time).  I'm curious if this more gentle approach to new beginnings would support risk taking for others...  

Report back if you try it out!

Happy New Year!

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  1. I think when you approach resolutions as if they're something you have to do, they seldom work. Case in point, my "quitting smoking" resolution years ago. Now, I think of something I really want to do, but just haven't set my mind to, and I more often successful. So love what you do!