I have been a Certified Lifecycle Ceremony Celebrant since 2003.  In 2003 I trained at the Celebrant Foundation and Institute and became the second Celebrant in the state of California.  Since then I have presided over many diverse weddings and have created custom ceremonies for many different occasions including:

Birth Circles
Baby Blessings
Vow Renewals
Milestone Birthdays
Labyrinth Walks
and more.

Many of us have grown up in secular times.  We believe in tolerance, compassion, and scientific inquiry. At the same time, in the very center of our being we know that there is something sacred about our lives.   

We feel it at the edge of the sea, at the top of a mountain, in the loamy pine of ancient redwoods.  We touch it when we count the ten little fingers and ten little toes of a newborn baby.  We smell it on the edge of morning, when the dew is still fresh and the air is cold and wet.

Ceremony is a way of framing and experiencing this aspect of our lives.  It is a way into our transcendence and a way to honor our spirituality if we have grown up without tradition or have had to leave tradition for whatever reason.  It gives us time to stop and notice our lives as they are, fleeting and sweet and connected with all things.

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