Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is this all I've done with my life?

The next time you ask yourself

Is this all I have done with my life?

Take a moment and wonder

Who is this talking to me.

Is it possible

that this voice booms

from the outside.

That a 2x4 knocks you over

That the Twin Towers look down on you

That a speeding train runs you down?

That this is the voice of someone who is not you.

The next time he comes along with his

boom voice or his big stick

Go tell him to ask

your 100 year old oak tree

if this is all she's done with her life

Just stand there

In one place

giving shade

making oxygen

and being beautiful?

Or maybe he could take it up

with the family dog

What's her contribution after all?

What's she done to earn

her place at the table?

I'm sure he would ask them

if he could.

But he can't

and so

the tree stands

and the dog eats


by not answering

the question

that can't be asked

of them.

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