Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rest well

One of the most interesting discoveries from my half-marathon with Laurel, was that we should have had a better plan for our recovery.  Remembering this, I'm trying to give myself a little more down time than usual this week.

For those of you who need to recover after the last big holiday, like I do, this is for you.

As the days darken,
As the weather comes,
As one holiday passes
and the next
walks in 
with its daily
call for light.

the long night.

and rest well.


  1. This post came at the right moment. On Tuesday I had "minor" surgery; yes, general anesthesia was involved, but I was told beforehand that I'd be walking around the next day. No big deal, I thought. Imagine my shock when I came to in the recovery room to find that my leg, from thigh to toe, was completely encapsulated in tight bandaging. Sitting in a chair (and therefore, working at a computer), bathing, walking faster than 1mph, wearing 95% of my clothes--they were all out of the question. The recommendation to not return to work for 4-5 days came up for the first time.

    Panic! How am I going to meet the huge deadline at work on Thursday? What happens to my husband's plans to go away with his friends for the weekend? What about my trip to DC and major presentation on Monday? I was completely unprepared for how much recovery would be needed.

    I'm still trying to figure out the take-aways from the experience. Several come to mind: Asking better questions. Accepting the body's need for rest. Accepting that my life may be too full right now, despite all of its blessings. But knowing through your post that others were out there experiencing the same thing was helpful! So thank you.