Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank you for using your super power!

Ever since reading Reality Is Broken, by Jane McGonigal, I've been thinking about my secret avatars, my secret super-hero identities--what powers does each have, do they have magical accessories, capes or lassoes, crowns or hidden jewels?  Recently, when I dyed a strip of my hair pink--it was like I let one of my secret avatar visuals take residence on my head.  

And I've become very curious about other people's heroic side.  Who are you in your dreams?  What are your super powers and how do you use them?  How do you secretly wield your powers from day to day?

To me, the power to vote, is a super power.  Thanks to all you who went out yesterday to make use of your powers!  Here's a poem for you.

"The arc of history bend's toward justice."
--Martin Luther King

I know you don't think of yourself as a hero.  

I know that you don't think taking trash to the curb or wiping snotty noses is hero's work.  

I know you don't think heroes get insomnia or have an extra ten pounds to lose.  

I know that you don't feel like a hero when you run late or snap at your child or miss the bus.

But I saw you.


In line at the polls.

You were there.

And while I waited

I saw a infinite stretch

of many generations

who passed along a hero's cape

from hand to hand

bending history toward justice

one vote at a time.

Do you see

how much I thank you

for it all?