Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Celebrate :: Now

As I mentioned in a previous post, celebrate is my word for the year.  

Celebrate, as in to observe with ceremony, to keep with some element of festivity, and to notice, savor, and revere. 

Celebrate is often associated with high energy and parties.  The word tends to have a prom dress draw--toward eye catching flounce, general bigness, and bling.  And that's ok, friends who know me can attest to the fact that I do love a good dose of sparkle.  But sometimes, the bling can obscure the view.  This month, what I'm interested in is the idea of celebration as a frame, as a simple way of structuring a moment to help guide attention to the story as it is unfolding, a way to observe with intention.   Nothing special added.  

Paying attention with the frame of a photograph seemed a fine place to start.  Here is what I'm celebrating right now (or at least this past weekend ;-):

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  1. Love this! The camera is such a great tool to really SEE what's around you. Loving the closeups too, showing the details.