Monday, February 4, 2013

Found Treasures

I was at the beach.  With my mate.  For five days.  For the first time since we became the parents of not two, but three daughters.  I think this picture documents the one minute I elected to get out of my beach chair.   

Celebrate continued to be on my mind...and I caught it a few times during my vacation reading binge, about which you will hear more later.  For now, here are a couple of found treasures from my trip to the beach...

Celebrate :: the relationship between celebration and attention

"And it goes on for hours--with Thomas reminding us of the health merits of each dish so we won't become too distracted by their exquisiteness.  'Its amazing, the momentum,' Bouley says, when I catch up with him after the four-hour lunch.  'You just start paying more attention.  And at that point you're not just feeding anymore, you're celebrating.'" --Kevin Conley quoting celebrity chef David Bouley, in a Town 'n Country article entitled Haute Health Food

Celebrate :: the relationship between celebration and healing

"I used to think that I would be mature when I could simply be gay without emphasis.  I have decided against this viewpoint, in part because there is almost nothing about which I feel neutral, but more because I perceive those years of self loathing as a yawning void, and celebration needs to fill and overflow it."  --Andrew Solomon, in his book Far From the Tree, describing why after consideration, he still believes in the over-the-top-ness of gay pride celebrations.

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  1. Great quotes. Glad you had time to sit in a beach chair and celebrate. It's my favorite way to celebrate. :)